Yakama Nation Review, Volume 24, Number 24

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: BIA memo: New turmoil for Clinton, Matheson's quick queries for Clinton, Mexican assassin wanted to 'call attention to uprising', Marsh concludes NMFS salmon plans 'flawed', Lyle Point developers win round, Spokanes defend legality of casino, Shellfish trial begins Apr. 18, Regs govern treaty subsistence fishing (YNR), Upriver spring chinook run expected to be worst in decade
Page 2: Heritage offers $20,000 to students, Scholarship deadline May 1, Heritage sets career fair, Minority businesses at Olympics, Megan James state pre-teen finalist, HEW Committee will meet public, Craig family planning reunion, Fair on senior citizen assistance, Veterans Day candidates sought, Libraries offer computer terminals
Page 3: Spill damaged native foods, AIROS sets May premiere, Tribal language key, Polluted 'River of Grass'.
Page 4: New information on Hanford doses, Plan will enhance Yakima River salmon, Tribes won't take coho, U.S attorney asks ban on slot machines, Samish leaders heartened by White House visit, Lowry signs intertribal tuition exemption provisions, Warm Springs requests return of Indian remains, Idaho house kills sales tax break for Kootenai, Andrus may agree to reservation lottery sales
Page 5: Zedillo new candidate, Marcos: Failure to reform Mexico's system could turn Chiapas rebellion into movement
Page 6: N.I.A.A pairings drawn, Intertibal will play a Sooner State team, New York could be Oregon's first opponent, Sutterlict runs 'down under', Colvilles to host 14th annual all-Indian bowling tournament, Ruling advantages Native challenge of 'Redskins', Wapato Invitational softball tournament seeking teams
Page 7: Mankiller vacating Cherokee chair, Walking on: DAVID VANB WARD SR., EGBERT BRYAN WARD SR., AMOS QUEAHPAMA, DELRAY "RAY" WAKAN JR., VIRGINIA M. TAHKEAL, Yupik Seattle sculptor Larry Beck dead at 55, Upper Skagit Chief Pete Campbell dies, Onondaga chief dies after argument with police
Page 8: Wapato Indian Club gets ready for performance in Florida, Boyd's songs in new film (YNR), Seeking access to marketing of art
Page 9: Double wedding set for winter Lodge, Favel and Heemsah tie the knot in Reno, Wapato VFW Post marks its 31st year, Ceremonial Calendar, Kulchiat's puffs under new management, New faces in tribal work force
Page 10: Breakthrough victory, Legends before written history, Case for a casino in Longview on I-5, Group explains Clinton plan, Randy Olney 'well on the way'.
Page 11: Classifieds
Page 12: Ludwig: Clinton reforms to improve bank credit access, Ariz. Sen. Henderson will seek Navajo presidency, Officer won't be prosecuted in police chief's death, IHS faces Yankton 'siouxt' over closure of hospital, Former Sisseton official charged with sex abuse, Turtle Mountain editor fired 'without specifies', Menominee father doesn't seek revenge in son's death, Prairie Island Sioux oppose state senate relocation plan, Wampanoags may agree to regulation by state, Did Spanish friars of 1500s 'contribute to genocide'?, HIV rate high among alcoholics