Yakama Nation Review, Volume 24, Number 5

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Ada Deer'slove-in, A century of water war ends for Nevada and Pyramid Lake, Wind River summary riling looms, Clinton warns against nuclear spread, Pinkham takes judge's oath for children's court, First Tribal Council in 1933: rebirth of sovereignty (YNR)
Page 2: COE, Council subject to General Council, Tribal voters to air suspension crossfire, 'Night Out' events in horizon, Joseph wraps up justice institute, Shearer wins Oldfield centennial print, Yakima Valley bus board ahead, Mckinley Mission concludes two summer programs with 160 youth
Page 3: It is not a 'cowboy vs. Indian' issue, President says Korean War was justified
Page 4: First Tribal Council in 1933: rebirth of sovereignty
page 5: ACTIONS DEFINING TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, umatillas regain acreage on Columbia River, Greenpeace moves against Gort McDermitt nuke storage, Tulalip can't intervene in Samish recognition bid, Commander Weller takes Walla Walla district reins, Nez Perce leaders ready hefty legislative agenda
Page 6: Queen will compete in rodeo, Warriors to host fun-runs, feed, Canadian hockey pro gives inspiration, Nez Perce nation to host NIT tournament, Navajo Nation's 4-Corner Magic makes AAU Nationals, Senator introduces bill to change football Redskins' nickname, White Swan earns trip to USSSA State title championships
Page 7: Encampment: 70 finalists, Future Smison athletic addition , Chestina tops in many awards, Brave girl holds snake, Recognition for WIP employees, GEDs awarded, Forest skills ahead, White enjoyed foreign ports
Page 8: Eddie Brown's farewell, Questioning the Tribal Council, Seeking sources in Yakima history, Sharing with church group, Young Yakimas 'finest group', Support Tribal Police Dept.
Page 9: How Ada Deer sees it, Walking On; MELISSA EDNA, WILLARD WILLIAM ARQUETTE, SHANNON B. NASON , ANNIE E. JOHANSEN, Chiricahua Apache survivor passes
page 10: Haida artists weave cedar clothes, Willamette graves: confusion, New faces on work line, Casual story on Indian basketball scene , Free 'Concert in the Park', Sioux find state mural offensive, Ceremonial Calendar
Page 11: Classifieds
Page 12: State court to air native Hawaiian land rights, Western governors ask Yucca Mountain review, 'Archaeodome' proposed at prehistoric dig site, Standing Rock group works for Fm radio station, Crows hire commissioner to oversee utility tax, Circuit court rejects third Peltier appeal, Creek Chief Fife faces 'old guard' outster petition, Miami recognition drive eyes own medical center, 11 ace game-fixing charges at Seminole Indian Bingo, Chumash gravesite"