Yakama Nation Review, Volume 25, Number 5

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.

Page 1: Dry lightning and pockets of fire (YNR), Lowry: State, ribes will pursue 'friendly' lawsuit over slot machines, Ancient Chinook village of Cathlapotle again busy, Strong: River tribes 'indignant' over fall chinook season


Page 2: One home consumed in Warm Springs fires; Ka-Nee-Ta safe, Babbitt at Huckleberry fire, Burned areas of Yakama forest must be approved with caution


Page 3: Sauk-Suitattle longhouse about ready, Boom in natural resource hiring, Bus service in lower valley?, Children of alcoholics will meet, Forum airs cancer prevention, Columbia salmon restoration project, Some useful definitions


Page 4: Dry lightning on July 24 tripped three week blaze (YNR), Fires draw support units throughout work force (YNR), Rigorous test first 'step' in training


Page 5: Palmanteer heads new Colville council, Murray wants flexibility in removing Elwha dams, Klamath gaming agreement with BCC Entertainment, Oregon Trail center where pioneers ended trek, Nez Perce set changes in comprehensive code, Sho-Bans weigh changes for tribal enrollment, McNary fish kill show dam dangers


Page 6: Steps to diversity tribal economy, TIGERS in Mt. Adams's tank, Members now exempt from public utility tax, Where things stand


Page 7: Walking on: ERNESTINE GAY GEORGE, HARRIETTE E. COLWASH HENRY, MEL RICHARD JOHNSON, JAY "K'LOOLA" YEMOWAT, REGINALD NORMAN EYLE, Zapatista Chiapas assembly, Oldest American burial site? , Pokagon recognition


Page 8: Lummi cruises to ladies crown; Stars regroup to blitz Lewiston, Sacred run held for protection of cemetery, Pueblos say ad placed too much blame on Indians


Page 9: Joe Montana inspired by youth's battle, Decoteau tales Pi-Ume-Sha run, Toppenish fixture takes principal job to continue educational service, Attorney says "REDSKIN" plate is offensive, calls on Utah to revoke 'racist' message


Page 10: EPA, tribal restoration team begin new dialog, Move advances general assistance for Celilo, Lyle Point video production OKed, Key social resolutions, Olney Yakama ATNI delegate, State 'administratively' responds to Nation's tax issue questions, Court: Nuclear shippers can sue tribes


Page 11: Tour group exhausted but triumphant, Poet Leah Aleck heads to lyrical convention, Ceremonial Calendar, College orientation


Page 12: Special salute to federal firefighters, Don't forget contractor, Graduating in chosen fields, No way to say goodbye, The language of fire, Indian candidate Cardenas fearful over possibility of fraud


Page 13: Classifieds


Page 14: Court halts state gas tax on Oklahoma Indian lands, Pueblo leaders say ski area tramples rights, Court ruling forces Navajo jail closures, Cisneros will seek more funds for Indian housing, NIEA marks 25th year: 'returning full circle', Cancer claims White Earth activist Bea Swanson, Mediator will talk taxes with turmoiled Onondagas, House passes peyote bill by Aug. 8 voice vote, Ruiz will mediate new round of talks