Yakama Nation Review, Volume 26, Number 11

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Army teams rescue 'Mohavi', Checking power rates while saving salmon, Experts: Military vehicles crushed stakes. sites, Agenda ready for voters, 65 historic Hanford buildings will be saved, Sho-Bans blockade nuck waste train, Clinton will veto Indian budget cuts, Self-rule emerges from Zapatista talks
Page 2: A packed agenda for the voters, Attention all political candidates, Ancient 'ice girl' found in Andes, Quality recognition for businesses, Generations to Come sets sessions, UW science info night Nov. 2, Emmons letter: Unfinished business, Headstart accepting new applications, YTS shop reopens floral services, YVCC schedules GED testing, UN anniversary at YWCA
Page 3: Indian educators weigh budget cuts, Morrison. Hannigan eye Wapato school board, House committee moves on ESA, Notice to Yakima member fee patented land owners
Page 4: Grand Ronde opens Spirit Mountain casino, Savin salmon, Hanford basalt quarry snags on tribal cultures, Amerihost will develop $3.5 million Wildhorse Hotel, Crab season reopens, Army changes position, Take a year... to make a difference, Idaho Indians returning to traditional healing, Lummi completes expansion of oyster hatchery
Page 5: Self-rule emerges in Zapatista talks, Indians of Quebec oppose secession, Howards: 50 years, 65 historic Hanford building targeted
Page 6: Two sides debate gaming initiative, Initiative 654: For: Against:, Key provisions of initiative, Tribal license plates?, Army exercise rescues 'Mohavi'
Page 7: Contract care: seek alternatives, Groups will canvass NCAI for bone marrow, blood donors, Sho-bans blockade nuke waste train, Safe houses at First Love, Best dental care ounce of prevention
Page 8: Longee crowned homecoming queen, Native Americans offended by mascots, Nez Perce hosting men' tournament, Minorities want on Olympic board, Toppenish site for 45+ event, Washington State Winter Games scheduled to take place in February, 'Specials' Highlight annual Veteran's Day Powwow
Page 9: Activities to honor Yakima veterans, Employee's Club Halloween event features contest prize money, Carnival at Satus, Dr. Langren brings dental services to Yakama IHS, Halloween Bash set, Top YTHS students chosen, Twenty Yakama seniors are at least 60-years young in November
Page 10: Frustration with tribal government, What tribe asks of the U.S. Army, Magazine blasts Yakamas, Money madness or concern?, Thanks from Indian Days, American dream Yakama nightmare
Page 11: 'Indian Days' says thanks, Indian Summer salutees help, Walking On: JASON B. SANCHEY, EMILY L. SEELATSEE RAYMOND, Navajos OK teen curfew, Army vehicles crushed sites, Inmate seeks, female pen pal, Judges denies tribe's appeal, Gorton attacks legal services, October: 29 new faces in the workplace
Page 12: 'Trash tourism' promotes a mythical West, Ceremonial Calendar, Poet's corner, Russell Means telling his own story
Page 13: Classifieds
Page 14: Colorado River tribes don't want nuclear burial site, Army delays Ft. Wingate transfer to Interior, Houma. splinter group both seeks recognition, 'Pattern of terrorism' at Keeweenaw. says AIM, Methodists sell 80 acres to Navajo boarding school, Hualapai casino closes, Supreme Court denies Navajo appeal over riot, DSHA services offered in White Swan