Yakama Nation Review, Volume 26, Number 13

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Legal wind against turbines, Casino will offer variety of games and amenities, GOP casino tax bites dust, Museums reach deadline on remains, Will Zapatista autonomy talks embrace Mexico's 8 million Indians?, After two decades of anguish. Samish recognized
Page 2: Autonomy for all Mexico's Indians?, Heritage '95 impact: $21 million, Ready to be auto technician?, Leaders: Register and vote, Flu alert: don't forget shots, AIDS Day, Tribal court costs change Jan. 1, Christmas corral for dolls
Page 3: Museums reach remains deadline, Casino will offer variety of games and amenities, Work Force for casino, New legal wind against turbines, Samish win recognition
Page 4: Table of incumbents and challengers, General Council: The people's business, Memorandum, Miss NCAI Mary Sattler Native ambassador, FLORA L. ONEPENNEE
Page 5: GOP casino tax bites dust, Historic day for 31 new fishing sites, Business training slated, Home Payment Delinquencies
Page 6: Treaty river tribes finalize salmon plan, First 38 for the Jameses, Army: Umatilla incinerator ahead for nerve gas weapons, Congress OKs $12.3 million for Hanford-area counties, Warm Springs. feds. state ready Metolius River plan, Selam. White will marry, Cow Creek inspires Elk Valley casino across state border, Defense fund tapped for Idaho nuclear waste case, Colville members question non-Indian casino workers
Page 7: Lamebull enters Marines, Holmes to retire Dec. 31, Tribal force up 3, Tribal member puts in 13 USMC years, Annual Christmas Bazaar scheduled, Harrah Cafe site of wedding, Oniedas plan film on Revolutionary War role
Page 8: Wapato racers off to Boston, Ojibway named to Hall of Fame, Young cross-country runners revive ancient running tradition, Memorial dedicated in Thrope's honor, Youth Council Meeting Minutes, Free youth tourney slated, Yakama nation members
Page 9: Heritage AISES earns chapter of the year award, Siblings chair Heritage A.S.B., December babies mark 60th
Page 10: Voters only have right to complain, Burdens of leaders, Not one more feasibility study, Trying times require votes, Honest people have nothing to hide, Tribes can do as they see fit, What fair shake for the handicapped?
Page 11: Frank: Honest people have nothing to hide, Drive-by shooting on Campbell Road, Gratitude from royalty bearers, Walking On: ANDREW "WAH-TA-LEEK" JACKSON III, GLORIA G. JAMES HOWTOWIT, TEEIAS, CARD OF THANKS, LORENA W. SEELATSEE MEMORIAL, IN LOVING MEMORY, EVE JEAN IKE MEMORIAL, CARD OF THANKS, Comanche church centennial, Apology: Some obstacles on Red Road to sobriety, Recognition of youth participants
Page 12: Young writers hone their skills, Ceremonial Calendar, Satisfy your show-biz temptation, Shop at bazaar Dec. 15-16, Christmas raffle donations needed, Toppenish Parade of lights
Page 13: Classifieds
Page 14: Appeals court weighs Crow hunting case, Oneida. N.Y. officials discuss ancient land claims, N.Y. Ramapough demonstrate; BIA called 'Bigots in Action', Bust unveiled to honor WWII Navajo code talkers, Catawbas invited to UN human rights conference, Chino wins reelection despite nuclear opponents, Fallon-area farmers pursue Truckee River waters despite Pyramid Lack pact, Indian couple convicted of having wild bird parts, CD-ROM guide to Washington tribes readied, Final Hanford 'dose' sessions