Yakama Nation Review, Volume 28, Number 13

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Babbitt plan; Settle mismanaged trust funds (continued on page 2); Reno extends casino probe in Wisconsin (continued on page 3); Hastings aims to amend ancient remains law (continued on page 2); Warm springs water pact; Three parties ink agreement (continued on page 3); Wiseman, Brown top tribal employees of '97 (continued on page 3); Casino development: First step dealer orientation (continued on page 2); Orrin Miller seated on ethics board (continued on page 2); UNHA residents list complaints (continued on page 3).
Page 2: Dealers train as construction begins (continued from page 1); Miller seated on ethics board (continued from page 1); Hastings seeks NAGPRA change (continued from page 1); Mismanaged trust funds (continued from page 1); Quickly.
Page 3: Gover defines top priorities for the BIA; Warm springs water pact (continued from page 1); State won't cut Hanford fine; YNHA residents list complaints (continued from page 1); Reno extends casino probe (continued from page 1); Top tribal employees (continued from page 1); YNHA residents list complaints (continued from page 1).
Page 4: Vets' day winners; White swan raffle & dinner; Natives don't like lands acts; Washington; Enumclaw group files against amphitheater; Trooper transferred after Spokane tribal complaints; Oregon; Umatilla voters will fill vacated board chairmanship; Oregon: No sports betting under tribal casino pacts; Idaho; Coeur d'Alene internet betting: No profit yet.
Page 5: Toy and coat drive; Books: Were they Chief Seattle's words?; Talent show deadline Dec. 3; Native sculptures in the rose garden; Ceremonial calendar.
Page 6: Opinion & Commentary PXWI; New Year Dec. 14; A key transition; Spa-kupt: Buckle up; Out of our mailbag: Basket makers thank their host; Pimms replays lost war with YNHA (continued on page 7).
Page 7: Out of our mailbag: Pimms's war with YNHA (continued from page 6); Bishop Ruiz: Permanent target; Walking on; Silas Temens Peters III; Memorial; Bennett first woman presidential candidate; Death claims William Tso, Navajo council delegate.
Page 8: Sports; Instant replays; Five top-hi players named as all-stars; Wapato bulls, white swan perfect in AAU; Former white swan athlete on UW student senate backs affirmative action.
Page 9: Classifieds; Employment; Teaching Assistant; Adult domestic violence & sexual assault prosecutor; Community service counselor I; Bookkeeper IV; Construction management consultant; Administrative manager; Personal technician; Maintenance repairer.
Page 10: Across Native America; Southwest; Gover challenges tribes to organize abuse drive; Four teens dead in crash after plunge into creek; Marijuana stashed at Papago; Far West; Cultural lands may return to native Hawaiian hands; Great lakes; Reno extends probe into Wisconsin casino denial; Court refuses to hear state treaty rights appeal; Southeast; Alabama Indian mound: Experts add millennium; New Cherokee casino reopens after glitches.