Yakama Nation Review, Volume 28, Number 16

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: State tribes parley on big game: Goal Conservation, harvest pact; Voters approve new economic thrust; Anthropologists oppose shoreline cover over site; Furse: Stronger salmon recovery needed; El Niño: Effects on Northwest fisheries; Sovereignty essential to prosperity; Report: Hanford planned radioactive lake in 1953.
Page 2: State tribes parley on big game. (continued from page 1); Ojibwa seek special counsel; El Niño: Effects on northwest fisheries (continued from page 1); Furse: Stronger recovery (continued from page 1).
Page 3: Quickly; Budworms back-with a vengeance.
Page 4: Hanford nuclear lake rejected (continued from page 1); Cleanup ‘urgent’; Hanford waste tank ‘burping’; Anthropologists oppose site cover; Asatru to erect rune stone; Economic thrust (continued from page 1).
Page 5: Native northwest; Judge approves Cascades land swap; Suquamish project to examine intellectual property issue; EPA tells ACE: Remedy water conditions for salmon; ‘Chinook’ website for Native artists; Nez Perce detention deal defended by commissioners; Witness says victim was beaten twice; Women challenged to ‘Venture out’; Gov. Locklear breaks shoulder.
Page 6: 45 Tzotil dead in Chiapas massacre; Canada expresses regret to natives.
Page 7: Ceremonial Calendar; Voters approve new economic thrust (continued from page 4); Walking on: Paul Joseph Lopez; Lavina Shirley Corpus Burdeau; Virginia J. Wyena; Southwest Indian Art authority Tanner.
Page 8: Opinion and commentary; Target: Drunk Drivers; Nuke burial alternatives needed; Many helped make retirement memorable; Inter-cultural cooperation; YTS facility top priority; Seeking male traditionalist; Heading home in 60 days; It’s what inside that counts.
Page 9: Tribal sovereignty: Essential tool for prosperity; Welfare reform brings change in life; Cussen new IHS urban health chief; Posthumous honors from Silverheels, Russell Means pleads innocent; Hale wants new fund.
Page 10: Sports; White Swan athlete makes touring basketball team; Iron Five basketball tournament scheduled from January 23-25; AAU basketball tournaments slated; Yakama veterans to open Colville Veterans tourney; Nez Perce nations 34th annual classic set from tip off Feb. 27th; Quickly.
Page 11: Classifieds; employment; education counselor; Nurse/Case manager; Police clerk; Claimer examiner/office technician; Community service counselor I; Bookkeeper IV; Buying; Notice.
Page 12: Across Native America; Southwest; State: Pyramid lake must forfeit water rights; Los Alamos labs will aid education for area pueblos; Historian new caretaker at little bighorn monument; Southern plains; Affidavit says BIA official intervened in Cherokee dispute; Great lakes; Report: Thompson will ask $85 million from tribes; Northeast; Indian burial site found near Martha’s vineyard; Southeast: Creeks rebuild council house in Georgia homeland; BIA recognition denied to Alabama Mowa Choctaw; Mattaponi carve spirit pole to protect area wildlife.