Yakama Nation Review, Volume 29, Number 13

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: State patrol nabs $600,000 in smokes; Voters approve new housing body (continued on page 5); HUD suspends funds for housing authority; Makah want nothing but whale; Members reject 'compensations' U.S. suit?; Slots case under advisement (continued on page 2); New board for YFP (continued on page 2); Strong leaving fish commission; Plans return to reservation (continue on page 7); Inside.
Page 2: Clinton countdown for inquiry votes; New board for forest products (continued from page 1); Slots case under advisement (continued from page 1); Quickly.
Page 3: Makah: Nothing but whale (continued from page 1); About Sea shepherd; Patrol seizes truckload; Committee streamlines new economic controls; Low smelt run.
Page 4: Native Northwest; Oregon cave fossils region's oldest; Washington; Skokomish seek $5.7 billion in damages; Hanford reach fall chinook run down little; State logging rule will protect four fish species; Hanford stops pumping hot nuclear sludge; Oregon; Tovey executive director for Umatilla tribes; Idaho; Nez Perce, builder settle TERO dispute; Negotations in limbo to restore idaho lottery.
Page 5: Voters approve new housing body (continued from page 1); Zapatistas plan national debate; New California Indian gaming law challenged; Tribal plates ’hurting’ businesses; YNHA documents open to review.
Page 6: Aleut objects at auction; California bidder rescues mask; Stolen headdress returned; Inupiat rhythms at evergreen; Grant for Iowa mounds; Ceremonial calendar.
Page 7: Newsmakers: Strong leaving fish commission (continued from page 1); Scholar's goal: restore language; Lifefoot ready to rap; Police sgt. Hoptowit wins state award; Remembering the first Noel; Niix-Yow-Way events scheduled; Christian life sets bazaar fundraiser; New employee in work force; spotted owl zooms Everett.
Page 8: Opinion & Commentary; PXWI; Tribes tax-exempt; Out of our mailbag: A second Yakama casino at lyle?; Elders troubled over limits; Young exchange over appeal; Asking help from home; Letters; Hanford: Diffusion of radionuclides worst burden.
Page 9: Walking on; Bruce Wayne Rice; Oleson T. Reuben Jr.; Clayton Ivan Neaman; David "Waptayit" Arquette; Rebecca Vielle Iness; Raymond W. Pimms III; Thelma J. Cowapoo; Memorial; Ancient storage silos near Potomac puzzling.
Page 10: Sports; Mt. Adams chargers post winning year; White swan football players earn all-league; Warm springs, White swan win Oregon titles; Instant replays.
Page 11: Classified; Employment; Counselor; Bookkeepers I/Police clerk; Office assistant I; Bookkeeper II; Court clerk; Code enforcement officer; Meat processing employees.
Page 12: Across Native America; Northern plains; Cigarette factory boosts economy of Omaha tribe; Oglala ghost shirt will be returned from Scotland; Southwest; Judge dismisses Tigua suit against water district; NPS grant will assist search for Indian remains ; Southern plains; Cherokee wiretap lawsuit settled out of court; Great lakes; Apesanahkwat hope appeal will go before high court; Michigan won’t prosecute little traverse Indian hunter; Southeast; Volunteers join dig at ancient village; Tennessee commission debated Indian identity; Native Hawaiian access limited.