Yakama Nation Review, Volume 29, Number 19

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: States may tax companies at work on reservations; Babbitt pledges cleanup for trust funds mess (continued on page 2); Death by the Arauca river; FARC guerillas in Colombia admit slayings (continued on page 3); Glue on Kennewick bones a problem (continued on page 2); Lumber will ride rails to expanded market (continued on page 2); Strong: Communication key to salmon survival (continued on page 2); Inside.
Page 2: Nez Perce: Breach snake dams; Babbitt pledges trust funds cleanup (continued from page 1); Campbell bill amends gaming act; Glue on Kennewick bones a problem (continued from page 1); Wisconsin tribes revise compacts; Lumber will ride rails (continued from page 1); States may tax (continued from page 1); Quickly.
Page 3: Death by the Arauca river (continued from page 1); FARC rebels admit to kidnap, killings; Greenland inuit sue over displacement; Okalik will head Nunavut authority; 'Anchors Aweigh': Portraits of broadcasters near & far; New timetable for pumping tanks.
Page 4: Strong: Communication central to salmon survival (continued from page 1).
Page 5: Native Northwest; Washington; Expedited review for Spokane, Colville slots; Makah deput charged in handling of protesters; Animal rights group seeks boycott of Washington apples; Oregon; Warm springs council restores public safety funds; Idaho Nez Perce oppose plan to tax parcels of fee land; Casino funds targeted to income-producing lands; Diabetes & your feet; Promoting your health Learn beads, basketry.
Page 6: Treaty of 1855 commemoration royalty sought; American cowboys of color video premieres at Heritage theatre; Native artists featured during Portland events; Tanewasha vying for Miss Granger crown; Pre-1950 photos sought for Namee Pacha Ma Powwow celebration.
Page 7: People in the news; Major honesty, generous heart; Media man Taylor leaves CRITFC, 'Cradleboards' wins award; Walking the togs.
Page 8: Opinion & Commentary; PXWI; Weapons in schools: a new report; Anderson rebuts Ventura on sovereignty; Out of our mailbag: Writer fears GOP in White house; Alert: Scholarship not automatic; Supporter salute.
Page 9: Walking on; Ledvee Nash Puyette; Robert Smartlowit; Cowapoo stonesetting; Tracy L. Morrison; Tringit leader peck passes; Ceremonial calendar.
Page 10: Sports; Bucks to face winner of Warm Springs, Ore.-Arlee, Mont. game in Yakama Nation tournament; Stevenson 'under' 6-foot men's tourney scheduled; Lapwai, United tribes claim iron 7 titles; High school tournament slated for White swan; Lower valley wins law enforcement tourney; Nespelem Little Big Man II champions; Olney announces YNBT quen candidacy.
Page 11: Classified; Employment; Registered nurse; Buyer; Office assistant III; Chief judge; Fire control worker I; Warehouse worker.
Page 12: Across Native America; Southern plains; Cherokee, Shoshone sue IHS over contract costs; Cherokee delegates extend consisutional review; Southwest; Taos Lodge may become pueblo casino site; 'Redskin' plates revoked; Great lakes; Whitebreast takes chair with basket of chores; Northeast; Paugusset win second round on recognition review; Southeast; Lumbee factions agree to summer elections; Nansemond raise funds to mark burial ground.