Yakama Nation Review, Volume 29, Number 23

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: 'Courage and quiet dignity'; Hillary unveils Sacagawea coin (continued on page 2); Fish marketing workshop (continued on page 2); Kitzhaber opposes Warm Springs island casino (continued on page 2); IRS sets up tax-exempt division; Kennewick man test results public in June; Makah on alert for infiltrators (continued on page 2); Historic preservation award; Washines' work protects cultural properties (continued on page 7); Inside.
Page 2: Funeral delays seas shepherd move; Gray whale visits Yaquina; Sacagewea coin; 'Courage, quiet dignity' (continued from page 1); Amtrack back to Yakima valley?; Fish marketing workshop set (continued from page 1); Kitzhaber opposes island casino (continued from page 2); Makah on alert (continued from page 1); Quickly.
Page 3: Clinton will step up air attacks; Reserves: Activation order; World War II; War memorial dedication in Olympia on May 28.
Page 4: Environmentalists want Snake River dams on national agenda; No rehearing for menominee; Q&A: Basics about breaching.
Page 5: Native Northwest; Rose: future teacher; Womer scholarship available; Oregon; Zone 6 closed May 5 'till further notice'; Washington; Dozen state agents raid Puyallup smokeshop stocks; Ahdunko pleads guilty to falso accident report; Seattle sells Bowe ranch to U.S. forest service; EPA will sample more of Spokane river; Idaho; First Idaho nuclear wastes on road to New Mexico.
Page 6: How traditions live; Works of 50 contemporary artists ahead in exhibit; Maryhill lures Yakama visitors; New Mayan temple found in Chiapas; George Morrison named first master.
Page 7: People in the news; Washines protects cultural properties (continued from page 1); Prisoners honored; Daughter's meditation: The family defined in the crackle of the fire; Ceremonial calendar.
Page 8: Legislative leftovers; Out of our mailbag: Protect integrity of casino earnings; Name structures for Yakama leaders; Think before you drink.
Page 9: Tiin Ma youth eager for trip; Nak-Nu-We-Sha hosting picnic for foster parents; Fort Sill alumni set 'last great reunion'; Walking on; Donna Lee Jackson Behrend; Leona Rose Henle Tuttle; Sally Jane Slockish Buck; Susan Eneas; Memorial; New faces in work force.
Page 10: Sports; Treaty day rodeo 'opens' entries; Medalists meet at YVCC; 'Stars & Strikes' all-Indian bowling tournament slated; YNBTA championship game being televised; Treaty days slowpitch scheduled for June 4-6; Conference participants: team names are offensive and racist; Instante replays; Letter of appreciation.
Page 11: Classified; Employment; Camp counselor; Office assistant III; Cultural specialist; Health educator; Food service manager; Lead cultural specialist; Re-advertisement appraiser (trainer); Office assistant I; Custodian; Community health aide; Weekend security & custodian; Cook; Food service workers; Meat processing employees.
Page 12: Across Native America; Southwest; NIGA derides study group call for casino moratorium; Duck valley preparing for FM radio station; Southern plains; County serving papers at Kickapoo casino; Mme. Mitteran visits Peltier at Leavenworth; Southeast; Fine arts panel rejects Indian museum revisions; Former cherokee chairman guilty of tax evasion; Judge orders new Lumbee government commission; Computer snafu?