Yakama Nation Review, Volume 30, Number 1

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Babbitt blasts critics of BIA (continued on page 4); Reviving makah traditions; Team harvests gray whale (continued on page 2); Bishops: New ecumenical current (continued on page 9); WIP begins chemical treatments; HUD reprieves YNHA sanctions (continued on page 3); Navajo supreme court: Justice system over all resident Indians; Inside.
Page 2: Makah team harvests gray whale (continued from page 1); Bullet proof bumped over whale; Walla Walla VA memorial day event; Ahdunko explains his resignation.
Page 3: Quickly; Contemporary works; HUD reprieves sanctions for YNHA (continued from page 1); Only federal courts may rule on nuclear claims; Malatare retirement luncheon.
Page 4: Babbitt blasts BIA critics (continued from page 1); BIA plans system test; Jemez pueblo reclaims Harvard remains; Kantor assists Calif. tribal gaming negotiations; NGISC report public.
Page 5: Native Northwest; Idaho; Judge OKs $39 million Nez Perce damages; Coeur d'Alene want artifacts, gravesites protected; Washington; Hastings offers new bill for Hanford Reach; Oregon; Klamath set new vote for post of chairman; Biologist: Forest service 'undercuts' salmon efforts; Group markets anti-Gorton pin; Indian leaders obtain rare Clinton meeting; Heston stumps for slade.
Page 6: Children of the treaty' Eight seek treaty day honor positions; Treaty day events reach across 10 days; On glad day: Simcoe: Visit to yesterday.
Page 7: Ceremonial calendar; People in the news; Year made her realize what she had; Longhouse wedding on June 5; Bond forged in Reno; New faces in workplace.
Page 8: Opinion & Commentary; PXWI; A healthy workplace; Comprehensive tests for all employees; Of libel & slander; Gorton's night rider; Open pit mine perils Colville habitat; Littlest prayers answered to honor 'Pah-Nuke'; All boards of directors need budgets; Pharmaceutical notice for all Choctaws in valley area; Student query for foresters.
Page 9: Chief Moses: A century later; Firefighters work on mescalero blaze; Ecumenical currents (continued from page 1); Walking on; Oklahoma tornado claims Ponca girl.
Page 10: Sports; Yakama legends golf course near; Instant replays.
Page 11: Classified; Employment; Court administrator; Summer youth employment; College intern; Surveyor I; Heavy equipmenr operator I; Heavy equipment operator I; Bookkeeper III; Maintenance worker III; HVAC technician; Surveyor I; Maintenance worker III; Telecommunications technician; Registered nurse; Fire control worker I; Warehouse worker; Director; Lead cultural specialist; Bookkeeper IV.
Page 12: Across Native America; Southwest; Tribes get $79 million settlement over BIA contracts; Final Ute coal bed agreement reached; Northern plains; Fort peck set to put prohibition before voters; Southern plains; Carter center to monitor May 22 cherokee elections; Great lakes; Judge Clevert upholds tribal water quality regulations; Southeast; Choctaw play money card in Mississippi politics; Tennessee bones: Indian remains from looted graves; Guatemala voters rejects Mayan rights, reforms.