Yakama Nation Review, Volume 30, Number 9

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Buchanan case; Retrial: What is scope of hinting right? (continued on page 5); Direct sales across region (continued on page 2); Army wavers on burning Umatilla's gas weapons; Against wishes of tribes; Bone samples of Kennewick man set for testing (continued on page 4) ; Zia pueblo given 30 days to reclaim artifacts from park (continued on page 4); Gorton-Baird rider limits expansion of trust lands (continued on page 4); WIP over storage tanks; New water moratorium attacked (continued on page 3); Inside.
Page 2: Tribal fishers begin autumn direct commercial sales (continued from page 1); Umatilla: Army wavers (continued from page 1); Making quick use of salmon season; BIA's sims on loan to federal caucus.
Page 3: Quickly; Excerpts: Intertribal hunting amicus brief; What is geographic scope of hunting rights? (continued from page 1); Water moratorium attacked (continued from page 1).
Page 4: Testing for bone samples (continued from page 1); Zia Pueblo given 30 days (continued from page 1); Rider limits expansion (Continued from page 1); Wildfire sweeps near Goldendale; A Yakama makes centennial climb to the summit of Moutn Rainier.
Page 5: Native Northwest; Wahington; Coastal waters vulnerable to accidents; Oregon; All elective seats open in Umatilla voting Nov. 23; Klamaths give major hand in wood river restoration; Bison flourish in Oregon after 1800's near-extinction; Idaho; Coeur d'Alene casino expanding to resort; Free confab geared and free for women; Yakama hire 23 new full, part-time employees.
Page 6: Journey of images to inner nature; 'Ancestral winds' foundation fundraiser; Outstanding vet: Pueblo sculptor; Ancient Nahua codex on view; Cowgirl showcase; Cowboys: Poets 'r' us.
Page 7: Reynolds scholarship award winner; Poetic gem flows from son's early life experience; Ceremonial calendar; People in the news; Portraits of 'movers' includes Yakama mother-daughter; Legends casino employees Umtuch, Howard profiled.
Page 8: Opinion & Commentary; PXWI; Clinton: Back to school; Put of our mailbag; YNHA workers claim wage shortfall; Coyote ridge seeks support for powwow; Working on frybread degree.
Page 9: Out of our mailbag; Problem: 'Near beer' at legends; Your health services- Part II; Range of dental services; Walking on; Elizabeth Daisy Allen; Margaret Evelyn Couch; LaMERE Stonesettings; Memorial.
Page 10: Sports; Professional gold association; Begay follows course record with par round to win Reno-tahoe open; Attendance, revenues down for stampede; president says boycott one of the reasons; Wildcat grid kids open season with 14-0 win; Instant replays.
Page 11: Classifieds; Employment; Manager; Forest fish biologist; Fisheries habitat biologist II; Office assistant II; Meat processing employees; Legal notices.
Page 12: Across Native America; Northern plains; Appeals court rules against Yankton Sioux boundaries; Missouri river states 30 tribes reach agreement; After Clinton visit, Pine ridge development plan; Jicarilla consitution vote delayed for three weeks; Former president Zah backs McCain white house bid; Great lakes; Chippewa, forest service agree on gathering rights; FWS finds PCBs washing into waters of Green Bay; Southeast; Constitutional vote Oct. 4 ahead for Eastern Cherokee.