Yakama Nation Review, Volume 36, Number 20

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: U.S. attorney general comes to Yakama country; Gonzelas interacts with White Swan student body (see message on page 2); Tribes brace for major changes in trust-land rules (see rules on page 2); Agencies urge ladders, screens as condition of relicensing of dams (see fish on page 2), Attorney general initiatives include reopening Yakama cold case files (see cold case on page 2); high court rules in favor of liquor store (see liquor on page 3); Inside.
Page 2: Message/Gonzales hears questions 'from the heart'; Quickly; Cold case/Government to take it case by case (continued from page 1); Rules/BIA stops doing landowner wills; Fish/Four affected tribes praised recommendations (continued from page 1); Banish/Even non-tribal courts say 'get out of town, don't come back' (continued from page 1.
Page 3: Ceremonial calendar; Yakama tribal council reorganizes, sets committees; IGRA amendments pass first major test (see IGRA on page 7; Liquor/Affected population protest licenses, unsolved homicides (continued from page 1).
Page 4: Native Northwest; Conservation, Hanford watchdog groups urge study of reach.
Page 5: Walking on; Bernadette Sandra Smith, Juanita E. (Blodgett) Moore; Morris Miller Jr.; Manuel Perry Phillips; Babtist Paul Lumley Sr.; William Sawyahlil George; Peter John Pekelo Mamizuka Sr.; Memorial/Stone-setting; Memorial notice.
Page 6: Opinion and Commentary; PXWI; Out of our mailbag; Great injustice being done at general council; American memory is one that's shared.
Page 7: Corps of discovery II presentation to visit Yakama; IGRA/April 15 cut-off date for tribes debated in congress (continued from page 3); Hall: We know who our friends are.
Page 8: Sports; Wellpinit defeats Iron 5 to three-peat YNBTA event; Sun kings end roller coaster year eith a CBA title; Tournament talk with Lehigh John.
Page 9: College grad 'rewards' himself by running a marathon; mental challenge is toughest; Washington State AP all-state team list; Three mothers find time to run a marathon.
Page 10: People in the news; Land enterprise holds annual retreat; Polk-Tewee adds to their clans; Moses-Hyipeer couple to renew vows; Nicole Suppah reigns over YNBTA; Navajo to compete for Miss USA.
Page 11: Classifieds; Employment; Notices.
Page 12: Across Native America; Narragansetts in dispute with suspended council member; Feds announces fines against tribe, casino official; Radioactive material found in water under nuclear plant; Wampanoags await decision on tribal recognition; Lawmaker's constitutional amendment favors casino; Meskwaki tribe forms its first police force since 1930's; Tribe takes steps to preserve wilderness around bear butte; Members of congress visit elementary class in porcupine; Student play scrabble in Dakota Sioux language; Creek nation court issues ruling on freedmen; Grand jury indicts doctor, Caddo tribal employee; Rights have improved but no Navajos on city council; Navajo president suggests Albuquerque Navajo chapter; Tribe suing city to protect ancient village home site.