Yakama Nation Review, Volume 36, Number 21

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.

Page 1: DOE hears a tank full of Yakama concerns on Hanford (see hanford on page 2); Legends taps ground to for a new water treament facility (see legends on page 2); Salmon run late or small, tribe uses other sources to honor food source; Hip-hop moves highlight pawnee spring throw down party (see hip-hop on page 2); U.S. argues to remove Judge Lamberth (see judge on page 2); Inside.


Page 2: State, Eastern Shoshone Tribe agree on gaming compact; Judge/Interior charge Lamberth has charged them with racism (continued from page 1); Hip-hop/elders accept dance form to hold a place alongside others (continued from page 1); Hanford/Rispoli: 'We recognize our responsibility to the people' (continued from page 1); Quickly.


Page 3: Ceremonial Calendar; Yakama juice signs deal with Costco; Legends' gaming commission places bingo in noncompliance shutdown; may not return; Legends/work on expansion planned.


Page 4: Native Northwest; State quarter voting hijacked by computer mischief; designs depict nature; Okanogan county hit by wave of aerial pot smuggling; South American rodent found in Seattle area waterways; Pollution may be factor in sturgeon decline, studies say; Another piece of famed meteorite back in Oregon; Nez Perce ask Bush to restore Clinton's roadless rule; Educators: standardized tests need questions on natives; Cobell; Filing tribal trust lawsuit filled her with dread; Event shines light on racism in reservation border towns.


Page 5: Walking on; Roy Sye Tahmalwash; Joe. N. George; River Meninock McCloud; Acknowledgement; Memorial.


Page 6: Opinion and commentary; PXWI; Umatilla Tribes: Preserving our Native Native languages; GC seems to be (un)finished; Out of our mailbag; Pray Powi-ya-lux-simit remains true to its intent; On Plateau center; Powwow help SOS; We Indian; Start a pattern.


Page 7: Out of our mailbag; Center/planning ahead; join us; Reduce council; No Easter meal; Colville vote.


Page 8: People In the News; Strom named tribal deputy director; Free kid screen in White Swan set for May 2; Elder of the year considered a gold mine of Yakama culture, tradition and teaching; Free kid screen in White Swan set for May 2. Elder of the year considered a gold mine of Yakama culture, tradition and teaching.


Page 9: Parent of the year says it comes naturally; Scholarship winner positive about facing challenges; Taste for traditional food can lead to learning; Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sampson Sr. will take a trip to Hawaii for 50th anniversary.


Page 10: Toppenish student taking talents to Holland as 'sports' ambassador; Another shade of green: Tribes tappng into golf; No skillz defend WNBA tournament title.


Page 11: Classifieds; Employment.


Page 12: Across Native America; Group revives idea of Native American embassy in Washington, D.C.; Chippewa chairman elected NIGA vice chairman; Sioux judge filing lawsuits; Legality of reservation women's clinic is questioned; Fire destroys courthouse; Tribe reviewing constitution; Man seekig refuge with tribe pleads not guilty to charges; Tribal official sentenced for embezzlement from casino; Governor predicts loser in the salemate over tobacco taxes; Tribe, county want school trust land parcel; Court dismisses Navajo family lawsuit against OMI; Navajo nation council approves sex offender bill.