Yakama Nation Review, Volume 37, Number 4

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakama Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Tribes cites illegal use in closing free dump site (see dump on page 2); Bush administration withholds $300M from tribal housing (see hud on page 2); Senate subcommittee approves full funding for Hanford; Longtime Yakama Nation leader walks on (see leader on page 2); Alcohol sales ban cut short; tribe votes to allow alcohol use during the fourth (see ban on page 2); Regulations recommend cleanup of spokane river high toxin levels (see river on page 2); Inside.
Page 2: River/Upstream entities must meet standards of downstream users, governments and tribes (continued from page 1); Hud/Judge invalidates key provision (continued from page 1); Leader/Descendant of yakama treaty of 1855 signer (continued from page 1); Ban/'Positive impact' when in place (continued from page 1); Quickly.
Page 3: Ceremonial calendar; Oglala sioux tribal council impeaches councilwoman Fire Thunder; Explosion and fire at Coeur d' alene tribal casino kills two workers.
Page 4: Native Northwest; Cowlitz casino: Will it prove to be a calamity or cash cow for area businesses.
Page 5: Walking on; William F. Yallup Sr.; Aloysius Swan; Roy J. Braden Jr.; Acknowledgment; Memorial; Two soldiers from Washington die from injuries suffered in Iraq; Crazy horse sculptor's wife runs the memorial at 80.
Page 6: Opinion and commentary; PXWI; Defining 'statesman'; Thanks, no freebee anymore; Guest commentary; Some tribal governments have a reputation of having too much power; Out of our mailbag; To fix the tribal court system, issues need to be addressed; Beautiful blessing (see blessing on page 7).
Page 7: Out of our mailbag; Blessing (continued from page 6); Legal notices.
Page 8: People in the news; Wildlife program debuts new website; Tribal colleges filling the growing student need; Yakama nation opens new legal aid service; has helped over 100 clients from a yakima office; Tribal space academy offers a whole new experience for curious youth.
Page 9: Project seeks to clear man; Oklahoma tribes fund new programs with casino revenues - both tribal and non-tribal.
Page 10: Sports; The next generation completes the future hoop stars basketball camp; Fishing hatchery spring chinook opens July 1 on the upper klickitat river; Tribes awarded funds for feasibility study on the walla walla river basin.
Page 11: Classifieds; Employment; Notices.
Page 12: Across Native America; Small Utah tribe bitterly divided over storing radioactive waste on their tribal lands; Burned dorm to be torn down; Justice dept. asked to submit brief in oklahoma case; Hearing held on proposed lake land transfer; New-Nazi leader pleads not guilty to hate crime charges; Tribal councilors sue chief over business deal; Fort Thompson man goes to prison for assaulting woman; Standing rock tribe trying to find ways to fight fires; Pojoaque officer receives drunken driving citation; 9th circuit refuses to revisit theft of nevada petroglyphs.