Yakama Nation Review, Volume 8, Number 6

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Toppenish Town House meet called, Glenwood won't comply with Water Code, Office move complete; Yakimas own facility, Gerard Hearings widened
Page 2: What's Happening?, Marilyn, Janet tour European countries, USSR
Page 3: hehaka Sapa College accredited, Black, Ebona on bank board, Columbia Indian fishing Aug. 25
Page 4: Make it conversational
Page 5: Congressmen seek 'freeze' on trust land acquisitions, ATNI sets annual convention, Hospital study faults IHS, Growth grants
Page 6: Chaparral tributes, Student World
Page 7: BIA may close three area offices, feds set procedures for unrecognized tribes, 'Part A' grants: $32.2 million, Gracie! New sweetheart
Page 8: The other corral, The 'Simcoe generation'
Page 9: Three types of tribal courts
Page 10: Peters family honored Tigua Pueblo, 'If someone has salmon, let's can it', Chief Bitterroots
Page 11: A traditional Wanapum wedding
Page 12: Blackfeet rancher's son ponders Indian in '70s
Page 13: At BIA, HEW and Senate (cont.), BIA chiefs through history
Page 14: Students face grants change from BIA, Tribal powers outside reservations: 'super-governments' imperil whites, Meeds report
Page 15: Ad
Page 16: Dialog between editors on anti-Indian backlash, Opinion ; Whitelash?, 'Yakima Nation Review' reply, Coming
Page 17: Chairmen assail Deloria book, Gratitude in sorrow, CIT powwow, This & that, Getting to the roots of it all....
Page 18: A sure swing toward the top, Passport to Freeport, Attack at Omak
Page 19: She's a winner, Scalpers fast pitchout Sept. 2-5, NIAA Dallas golf championships, Gun safety classes ready for you
Page 20: TV special, Rome film ahead for Will, Tribal Arts, Curtis Yakima photos on view
Page 21: Telling Yakima story
Page 22-24: Classified