Yakama Nation Review, Volume 9, Number 11

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.

Page 1: General Council issues, Pages 4-10, NW Ballot Wrapup: Cunningham dumped, Pres. Carter signs Indian child welfare legislation, Fisherman jailed for illegal catch, FCC Petition: Airwave ‘freeze’ asked for tribes
Page 2: What’s happening: Newsmaker, Quotable, International, National, Northwest, Yakima Nation, WIP service readjustment looms, Challenges set Dec. 18, How you voted
Page 3: Motel readied for Toppenish, At a glance: Umatilla elections set Nov. 30, Casino employee sentenced, Lowry downs Cunningham, Sabotage at Grand Coulee Dam, TEXT: Lowry on American Indian issues
Page 4: General Council form changes, The General Council format
Page 5: Mishkɨ́nat namák asápskiw’ata ními ichishkín sínwit? General Council History, New Minors’ Act, Wanted: Interpreter
Page 6: Tomaskin: A boyhood chasing wild horses
Page 7: Tennewash: He listened carefully to the oldtimers
Page 8: He knew currents, swam the Columbia
Page 9: Meninick member of NARF’s new religious freedom advisory board, Federal task force starts to work on ‘compliance’, Text of Resolution: American Indian Religious Freedom
Page 10: McFarland memo on ‘livestock trespass’, Resolution Text: 11 measures the overgrazing, Overgrazing problems
Page 11: Northwest Outlook: Cumbow joins NIFC, Cattlemen ponder, Preparing reburial with dignity
Page 12: Vincent Lovett: Indian News Notes, Claims ‘beyond reason’---Jackson, Alaska Native layoff protested, NCSL hails Narragansett plan, Blackfeed position on leases, Redistricting plan ‘discriminatory’, Carter signs education bill HR15, Taos Pueblo ruling reversed, Airwave ‘freeze’ asked for tribes cont.
Page 13: Cunningham aide wins house seat in state race, Books: Tribal courts urged closure by author
Page 14: Examining the ‘Cowlitz question’, McCormack wins; Totus responds
Page 15: Community Wraparound: KIMA’s ‘Joey & Redhawk’ runs Dec. 4-8, Tennewash cont., ...about your Social Security: Planning aheead for you retirement, What are your views on justice for the juvenile?
Page 16: Business Report: Auction nets $1,272,000, Ballots in NW cont., CETA award
Page 17: All About You: More Beauties, Siletz Stint, Women’s Care, Nevada Moves, New Song, Home Again, Fish Story, Traditional Classes, Exhibition, Christmas Carnival
Page 18: ‘EG’ Ward Included: 6 Named to Hall of Fame, Changes across sports scene, Sports Action: Old Timers’ tourney Dec. 1-3, Haskell 1936, Planning for YNAIIBTA
Page 19: Tonasket may run in 1980, Changes in Congress will affect tribes
Page 20: Perspectives: New Washington trend?, Hit the road, Jack!, Guest Editorial, Toppenish Review: Let’s sit down together
Page 21: Out of Our Mailbags: A salmon storehouse for ceremonial purposes?, Closer involvement, Taylor’s ‘full text’, Reprint problems, White House fellowships, Tribes and German liberation
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Page 24: Classified