Yakama Nation Review, Volume 9, Number 6

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The Yakama Nation Review is a bi-weekly newspaper printed by the Yakama Nation that includes articles of local importance. Articles in this issue are written by YNR staff writers, as well as external news outlets. In March 1994, the publication changed its name from Yakima Nation Review to Yakama Nation Review.
Page 1: Carter signs religious freedom bill (YNR), Split of BIA forestalled, McCabe assumes post, Celilo Seafoods looks for 'full share'
Page 2: What's Happening?, 36 recommendations: BIA starting changes
Page 3: Columbia yields body; Culps buried at Celilo, Oregon 'Indian Atlas' readied, Shapiro visiting Yakima Nation, Bellecourt in council race, BIA's Lavis 'management trainee'?
Page 4: Race for meeds' seat state's hottest, Tonasket challenges Foley in 5th District; five oppose abrogationist Cunningham, 36 tribes in 7 Districts
Page 5: Rep. Joel Pritchard, R (Incumbent), Barry McClain, Democrat, Janice Niemi, Democrat, Patrick Ruckert, Labor Party, About This Issue:
Page 6: Second District: Al Swift, Democrat, Brian Corcoran, Democrat, Ken St. Clair, Democrat, Lillian Boot, Democrat
Page 7: .....Filling the Meeds vacancy, George Karnikis, Democrat, John Nance Garner, Republican, Rudy Valdez, Republican, Bruce Agnew, Republican
Page 8: John Patric, Republican, Third district: Rep. Don Bonker, D (Incumbent), Rick Bennett, Republican, Victor Bolnagofski, Republican
Page 9: H.W. Van Vlack, Republican, Fourth District: Rep. Mike McCormack, D (Incumbent), Steve Stalos, Democrat, Susan Roylance, Republican
Page 10: Fifth District: Rep. Tom Foley, D (Incumbent), Mel Tonasket, Independent, Duane Alton, Republican, John Sonneland, Republican
Page 11: Clarice Prevette, Republican, Sixth District: Rep. Norman Dicks, D (Incumbent), James Beaver, republican, Mary K. Smith, Socialist Workers Party
Page 12: Seventh District: Rep. Jack Cunningham, R (Incumbent), Mike Lowry, Democrat, Ronn Robinson, Democrat, Elmer Kristler, Communist
Page 13: William Wertz, U.S. Labor, Harold Schlechtweg, Socialist Workers, November Indian art show
Page 14: Garcia sentenced in Scott auto death, Social services hearing set, Educational opportunities for you, Excellence award, Shot clinics, Australians visit Ka-Nuk-We-Sha, Where to vote within reservation
Page 15: Sacramento cleans up, Leading pitcher Jon Sampson
Page 16: Text Of Resolution: American Indian Religious Freedom, Porter leaves accounting, 70 Join tribal rolls, CB warning
Page 17: Tribal employee pension plan OKed, Seattle fish hearing Aug. 25, Walking On; QUAEMPTS, GEORGE, ROMERO
Page 18: senate working on amendments to H.R.I5; Narragansett claims bill passage expected soon, Summer's reward
Page 19: 'Wapato Pacers' will compete in nationals
Page 20: Jackson, Magnuson ask fish reallocation, Indian voters & Jack Cunningham
Page 21: 1855 Nez Perce treaty log burned, Of Indian journalism, Info line, Monroe powwow, Indian studies, News line, Call for help
Page 22-24: Classifieds