Black Feather & 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds)

Cultural Narrative: 

Nez Perce Chiefs, Black Feather and 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) are wearing ceremonial dress with beadwork decor. Black Feather, also called Black Eagle by hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf), is wearing a headdress which is decorated with horns and feathers. Black Feather is on the left and 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) is on the right. The hímiin maqsmáqs (Yellow Wolf) narrative stated that these two chiefs aided McWhorter in acquiring the majority of his research. During the war, 'iléxni 'éewteesin' (Many Wounds) (Sam Lott) was in a boarding school, and Black Feather (Jefferson Green) was an active participant in the conflict.