Esther Paul

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Born: 4/10/1898 

Death 11/29/1923

Attended Chemawa 1919-1921 or 1922

There is some discrepancy as to when she attended, the only record found was for entering Chemawa on January 4, 1919. The record also state she entered herself at the age of 21 and stated on the application as having a 6th grade level of education.

Esther had an autograph book that had dates of 1916 to 1919, they are signed by friends who attended Ft. Lapwai Sanatorium. Ft. Lapwai also had a school for the students who were there getting treatment for TB. She would be 18 when first at Ft. Lapwai. There are photos of her in a nursing uniform with a group of students, thinking that this was at Chemawa.

Esther becomes ill in late spring of 1919 and finally allowed to return home late August to have an operation to remove swollen glands in her neck. She wanted to have the operation done at Ft. Lapwai Sanatorium.  Returns Fall 1919, noted in the doctors records Esther had influenza in Feb. 1920, attends until spring 1922.

Early Education at the one room school at Cold Springs, two miles west of the Paul Ranch.

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