Lydia Condit

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Born: 1871

Death: 1924

Married Jesse Paul August 1894

Attended Chemawa Indian School, Salem, Oregon 1883-1887 or 1888

Daughter of Jane Parsons (daughter of Chief Ut-sin-malikan)  and Jason Conditt and granddaughter of Chief Ut-sin-malikan who signed the treaties of 1855 & 1863 and was sent back to Washington DC in 1868 to renegotiate the 1863 "Sell Out Treaty". He dies while there on May 25, and is buried at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington DC.

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Jane Parsons was the daughter of Chief Ut-sin-malikan.. He was born in 1793 and was age twelve when Lewis and Clark happened upon the Nez Perce at Weippe Prairie on September 20, 1805.He signed the treaties of 1855 and 1861 and travels back to Washington, DC to renegotiate the 1861, when he dies of typhoid fever, BUT there is also evidence that he was murdered nad pushed out a window and was found on the sidewalk during the middle of the day. He died May 25, 1868 and is buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, DC.

Lydia was one of four children. She had three brothers, two died in their youth (William at age 8 and Walkins at age 6), her oldest brother Homer goes to Chemawa with her in 1883.

While attending Chemawa she was treated twice at the school's infirmary. First time was treated for Olouhre (unsure of spelling) on October 21, 1886. 2nd time was treated for Influenza Nov. 10. 1886

Lydia had two autograph books, the earliest date is a fall date of 1886 to 1887, and all were students at Chemawa.

Lydia's second autograph book begins with the date January 5, 1888, with mostly Chemawa students, there are a few autographs of others who signed after Lydia left Chemawa, and the latest date is 1903.

The students had numbers assigned to them and many of the entries begin with

To Lydia Conditt No. 119 and the students would sign their name and their number.

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